You can’t win them all: An open letter to my fellow Alabama fans

Despite our recent loss, the Crimson Tide’s proud tradition of excellence will continue. Photo by Matthew Tosh. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Similar to many I watching the game this last Monday, I still am having a hard time believing what happened. We were so close, but here are a few reasons why we’re going to be alright.

It was a close and exciting game, just with a sour ending. A reason we watch and love football is because of how entertaining it is. Even if you win a shutout game, is not nearly as thrilling as a down-to-the-second, literally on-the-edge-of-your-seat nail-biter. While I hated the ending, you’ve got to love the game itself.

Statistics were on our side, but superstition was not. The Crimson Tide this past season was oh so close to being the best in the history of college football. If this were a résumé competition, Alabama would have won. Superstition-wise, we had quite a few things that upset the balance in the universe and aligned it against us.

Lee Corso had picked against the Tide in most top ten matchups this season. Having been wrong so far, Corso chose Alabama to win the title and can now share some of the blame for its defeat. The last time Clemson won a national championship, Ronald Reagan was President, and we now have an outsider Republican about to be sworn into office.

Finally, we scored first. While this seems like a good thing, there is nothing that fires up the players like getting scored on. If any team wants to lose a game put points up first, ‘Bama doesn’t like that.

The most important reason why it is all going to be okay: we have a true freshman as a quarterback that took us to the National Championship.

Actually, the most important reason it is all going to be okay is because we attend the best University in the country. Statistics aside, if you have ever stepped foot in Tuscaloosa, been on the Quad on game day, or talked to anyone who attends this magnificent school, you know it is special. The cliché slogans the school creates are true. This is where legends are made. This is what college is meant to be.

Next year y’all. Roll Tide.

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