UPDATE: ‘Diversity’ marchers sponsored by globalist org, demand UA become ‘sanctuary campus’


The following email was obtained by Dixie Collegiate Editor-in-Chief James Niiler and Contributor Gerald Fraas, due to their participation in the Blount Scholars Program.

Sent from an organization called UA Without Borders, the email details the program for the ‘Diversity March’ that occurred on the University of Alabama campus earlier today. The writer of the email calls President Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning refugees from certain Middle Eastern countries “horrific,” and promises support to students who will allegedly be impacted by the ban.


The email comes attached with a PDF of the letter presented by the march participants to University of Alabama President Stuart Bell this afternoon. The letter lists ten demands, one of which is for the University to refuse to comply with the Federal Government and any of its anti-immigration mandates; and another for the University to become a ‘sanctuary campus.’

The entire text of the PDF can be obtained here.

UA Without Borders does not appear to be registered with the SOURCE as a University organization. It is unclear at this time if this organization is affiliated with UA Students Without Borders.

For previous coverage of the march, please read here.



  • I will certainly be praying that this ridiculous idea is stopped quickly. Dear Jesus. We need your help here. Please come into these people’s hearts so the ey will realize that we have to help our veterans and homeless first. These Muslims need sent back to their countries asap. We can not forget 9-11 and the destruction they have caused here. I can not believe this can even be considered. Absolutely NOT.

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