Tunnel vision: How the Left’s Obama-worship caused their loss


Progressive liberalism is not an ideology that is often compatible with a democratic system.  The average human will have an inherent resistance to different ideas, viewing them as radical or insane. In a democratic system, progressive liberalism can take two steps forward in accomplishing its next goal, but that’s no guarantee that the people won’t vote to take three steps ‘backwards’ in the next election cycle. That’s largely the reason you see far-left systems only take hold in nations after a violent (or academic) revolution.

With the election of President Trump and a Republican Congress, the nation has rejected the strides of progressive liberalism made during the eight years of Obama’s presidency. That’s the nature of democracy: to the victor goes the spoils, and in this case, the victor was Donald Trump. Yet liberals have seem to forgotten that their ‘accomplishments’ weren’t permanent and are subject to the consequences of losing an election.

When liberals spend eight years fawning over a President-turned-celebrity, and lying to themselves about how well things were actually going, they lost sight of the bigger picture, and consequently their hold on society. The American people expected liberal elected officials to do the job they were put there for, and when their agenda perpetually marched to the Left, the American people were inclined to opt for a change of direction.  

This should serve as a warning to the Republican Party: if you act cocky but don’t actually do the job, the people will have you out of office as soon as they get a chance. Even then, there’s never a guarantee that your policies will hold forever.

What this has shown is that eight years of President Obama gave the Left tunnel vision. It made them unaware of the importance of actually winning the election to carry on their vision. They rigged their own primaries to anoint Hillary Clinton as the next President, forgetting that although they had President Obama a deity in their minds, elections are still a human matter.  

Their focus on identity politics and decrying Right-leaning beliefs did not resonate with the American people. One triggering election cycle later, and the Left has taken to the streets and media in a last-ditch attempt to maintain any hold on American policy and society. It’s the only thing they have, but unfortunately Americans don’t hold kindly to violent/radical Leftist revolutions.

So the cities riot, the media yips at anything President Trump does, and the obnoxious Facebook memes flow at an egregious rate. Let them have their protests and be mad – the American people are watching and are growing angry that the Left let themselves become so short-sighted and out-of-touch. They need to come back down to Earth before they try to govern on it again.

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