Trump the Triumphant


They said he couldn’t do it. Boy, were they wrong!

Suddenly, after eight years suffering under the lash of a Marxist loser, we’re getting jobs. We’re getting a wall. And most importantly, we’re getting our country back.

Thanks to the decency and wisdom of heartland Americans, we’ve avoided nuclear war with Russia. We have preserved our First and Second Amendments. We have saved our culture and our people from being overwhelmed by Third World ‘refugees.’ A path to victory over ISIS is on the horizon. And, of course, our new ruling class won’t consist of devil-worshipping pedophiles.

Throughout the entire electoral cycle, Donald Trump revealed an incredible strength and resilience that can only be described as miraculous. Suffering gaffe after gaffe, the ‘Trump tapes’ leak and a Soviet-style media, he nonetheless managed to speak the truth that other conservatives feared to convey—and in doing so, flushed Hillary Clinton of two billion dollars while making her a weeping mess.

Having lived out the theses of the books he wrote long ago—The Art of the Comeback and The Art of the Deal—Trump proved his worth. So did his supporters.

Wearied of being called ‘racist’ for wanting to save their country, they defied their Leftist overlords and marched to the polls. With hope, tears and yes—prayers—they imposed their will into reality. And they won, “big league.”

Today, Trump’s supporters honor his sacrifice and rejoice at the salvation of their country. But work remains to be done.

There’s a capital-W Wall to build, illegals to deport and trade deals to reform. There’s celebrities that need to be sent overseas, a culture that needs to be revived, and a certain couple that needs to be prosecuted. Is all of this possible? Yes.

Yesterday Trump’s naysayers said he wasn’t a serious candidate. Then they said he couldn’t win the nomination, and after that the Presidency. Now he can’t keep his promises? Somehow this idea seems doubtful.

They said he couldn’t do it. Boy, were they wrong. And were we right.

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