TRIGGERED! Univ. of Alabama SJWs erase pro-Trump chalkings


Students at the University of Alabama woke up Oct. 24 to see pro-Trump chalkings at various locations throughout campus, which had mysteriously appeared overnight.

The chalk drawings were inscribed at the historic Woods Quad, as well as in front of the Fresh Food Dining Company.

The messages drawn in chalk included many pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton slogans, as well as praise for ‘Pepe,’ the cartoon frog emblematic of the so-called ‘alt-right’ movement.

The chalkings appeared to have ‘triggered’ a contingent of left-wing students. Dixie Collegiate reporters caught photo footage of University groundskeepers erasing the chalkings with hoses, as well as students scratching out the pro-Trump messages with more chalk. *NOTE: The Dixie Collegiate has declined to release the photos of these students in the interest of their privacy.*

The University of Alabama has come under fire recently for its extremely restrictive speech codes. These chalkings are likely a violation of said codes, allowing for their removal by the University.

At time of publication, the chalkings in front of Fresh Foods have been erased, but most of the chalkings in the Woods Quad are still extant, albeit with anti-Trump modifications.

The chalkings are likely in the tradition of ‘The Chalkening,’ a nationwide movement that discreetly inscribed pro-Trump messages throughout college campuses this past spring.

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