Trigger-happy Hillary can’t wait for war with Russia


One of the principal reasons conservatives have been encouraged to vote for Donald Trump is his likelihood in selecting conservative, originalist justices to serve on the Supreme Court. Because the Court has developed a disproportionate amount of power, and has the ability to essentially create new legislation, this is indeed a worthy reason for one’s vote to go to Trump.

There is, however, another reason to vote for Trump, one that is even more important than the Supreme Court’s future justices: the potential for nuclear war with Russia under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

This is a threat to which few Americans seem to be aware, but it is one that grows by the day. US-Russian relations have deteriorated to an incredible low, not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Because President Barack Obama has sought to intervene in Syria against the best interests of our country – once in 2013, and now once again – the threat of a conflict with Russia, which has vested interests in Syria, grows ever higher.

Russian diplomats have been instructed to return their children studying abroad to the ‘Motherland.’ Massive drills involving a huge segment of that country’s population are underway, and Russian citizens have been advised to find the nearest bomb shelter. Perhaps the most chilling revelation came from a senior adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that if Americans choose Clinton over Trump, nuclear war between the two nations is inevitable.

Meanwhile in America, however, the media by and large prefers to keep the public in the dark about this threat by shilling incessantly for their mistress, Clinton herself.

Why are the Democrats suddenly so trigger-happy? Perhaps it’s because they want to show they’re the party of national security and toughness, after decades of their being infiltrated by our enemies, as well as kowtowing to them.

To them, Russia is an easy target: it has recently experienced an upsurge in nationalism (which the Left hates) and is accused of ‘human rights’ violations (which is a Leftist construct).

Clinton exhibits one of the worst traits of the Left – a hate-filled, warlike aggression. (Simply encounter a SJW, and this trait becomes obvious.) She and the Left do indeed hate Russia and Russians – an ironic fact, considering the Left once took marching orders from Moscow during the Soviet period, and Democratic administrations were often filled with Soviet spies.

The tables have now turned, however: Russia and Putin are blamed in ever-more hysterical conspiracy theories for everything that ails the Democrats and their nominee. They were accused of hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s emails, and revealing the collusion the Party had with Clinton to secure her the nomination. When Trump half-jokingly asked Russia to release more emails, he was accused of “treason” – a rich accusation coming from the Democrats, indeed.

Putin has also been blamed for supposedly meddling in the election, and for saying nice things about Trump. God forbid the world’s most powerful dictator is actually wanting to get along with the potential American President, in order to prevent a nuclear apocalypse!

A President Trump, unlike a President Clinton, would attempt to seek common ground with the Russian President, despite notable cultural and ethical differences. There is absolutely no justification for going to war with Russia, when Russia is the country that is attempting to destroy ISIS, and preserve its civilization from cultural decline and the migrant invasion.

Furthermore, the era of the Cold War is over. Americans and Russians want to coexist peacefully after a century of hostility. Americans are also tired of war – Syria means nothing to us. Why destroy life in the Northern Hemisphere over this issue? A President Trump would understand this; a President Clinton would not.

Trump has often been compared to Ronald Reagan, and like Reagan, Trump seeks to calm relations and avert war with the Russian superpower. Yet Hillary Clinton, despite her best attempts to smear Trump with a famous insult, is the one who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. Her fanatical and bizarre hatred of the ‘Other’ could spark Armageddon.


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