Time to drop Sewell for Saban



On Nov. 8th, most voters throughout the United States will be fortunate enough to have a choice between two or more candidates to be their congressional representative. Some people aren’t that lucky, but they still had a choice between two or more candidates in the Democratic or Republican primary. And some people live in Alabama’s seventh congressional district.

Voters in this district, which includes the University of Alabama campus and most of Tuscaloosa, will have only one candidate to choose from on election day, Terri Sewell. While this is also the case in the first district and fourth districts, voters in those districts had the good fortune of having a second candidate to choose from in the Republican primary.

Voters in the seventh district, however, didn’t even have another Democrat to choose from in the primary, just Terri Sewell. This means that she is the only congressional candidate in the state of Alabama to run uncontested in both the primary election and the general election.

Democrats running unopposed in the general election is nothing new in Alabama. For years it was common for the Republican party to not even field any candidate in elections throughout the South, because of the stranglehold the Democratic Party had on Southern politics. However, voters still had more than one option to choose from in the Democratic primary. Often, these options represented differing opinions. This unfortunately is not the case today.

If you don’t want Terri Sewell to be your congressional representative, you could simply sit out and not vote, or you can give her a challenge and write in someone who truly deserves your vote – Nick Saban.

America needs someone who can get things done, fix problems, and isn’t a career politician in the making. That someone is the greatest coach in all of college football (or possibly all football), Nick Saban.

Terri Sewell doesn’t do anything for the large University community in her district. Tuition at the University of Alabama continues to rise and she has done nothing about that. Poverty is a major issue and despite that, Sewell continues to support the liberal policies that have made conditions in major cities throughout the country, including Birmingham, even worse. Instead of doing something about these issues, she spends her time whining about voter ID laws and supporting the racist BLM movement.

Nick Saban doesn’t get anything just handed to him; he works for what he has, unlike Terri Sewell, who is being handed the ‘election’ with absolutely no official opposition. The seventh district needs a true winner, someone who will represent the interests of this district and its college students. Nick Saban is that man.

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