The Long March: UA Left demonstrates against Trump

Video by James Niiler

UPDATE: The Dixie Collegiate has published a PDF of the letter presented to UA President Stuart Bell earlier today, demanding UA become a ‘sanctuary campus.’ Read more here.


A crowd of several hundred people gathered at Denny Chimes at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 31 to protest what they believed to be unethical actions by President Donald Trump.

The protest consisted of a march around the perimeter of the Quad, followed by a regrouping at the Chimes, and then a march to the Rose Administration Building at approximately 1 p.m.

The march, which remained largely peaceful, was in the same vein as similar #NoBanNoWall demonstrations that have occurred across the country in the past few days. Marchers were dressed in black, and generally remained quiet while walking. Many held signs, expressing their support for refugees or disdain for Trump’s policies.

A small coterie of Trump supporters, including freshman Cody Leach, organizer of #BamaStands; and freshman Joe Cooper, of The Dixie Collegiate, walked backwards in front of the marchers, brandishing a Gadsden flag.

Despite the march’s generally civil tone, one conservative in a vehicle yelled an obscenity prior to the demonstration’s procession to the Rose Building. Even more disturbingly, a march participant confronted Leach and Cooper, claiming Cooper would “lynch” him. The student then slapped Leach’s phone out of his hand.

It is unclear at time of publication who was responsible for organizing the march, but Executive Director of the UA College Democrats and Crimson White Opinion Editor, senior Kyle Campbell, was seen at the demonstration.

Photos by James Niiler



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