Thanks, Obama!

President Barack Obama plays with a football in the Outer Oval Office.
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Folks, it’s finally over. After eight long years, the forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, will vacate the office in approximately one week.

The Administration of our outgoing President will be remembered as likely the worst in American history by the conservative Right, but will be viewed as one of the best, on par with the FDR and JFK Administrations, by the Left.

This is unsurprising. According to the Left, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were both icons of Americana, whose unfailing devotion to the American people, wit, and (most of all) style were emblematic of what it means to be a leader.

In reality, these Administrations were plagued with scandal and gross incompetence, which were conveniently ignored by the liberal media of their day and subsequent historians. Whether it was Roosevelt’s tolerance of Soviet spies in his civil service and generally poor economic record; or Kennedy’s contrived Cuban Missile Crisis and licentious playboy lifestyle, both of these Presidents have provided a worthy template for Obama to fill.

Thankfully, to his credit, Obama has avoided the extramarital affairs of both of those Leftist icons, JFK and FDR. But his incompetence and negligence of the nation entrusted to his care are nonetheless damning to his legacy.

For Barack Obama holds the distinguished honor of being the United States’ first Marxist-in-chief. His radical, Saul Alinsky-inspired past at Columbia University and in Chicago as a ‘community organizer’ has often been swept under the rug by Leftists who know the truth, and by conservatives who choose to ignore it.

It is therefore unsurprising that President Obama has attempted to undermine America at home and its interests abroad, whether consciously or not. Whether he has done so out of spite or sheer ignorance is impossible to determine – but after awhile, does it really matter?

His utopian, collectivist economic policies have ruined millions, especially in the white working class and black community – both of which were his stalwart constituencies. His pandering to the worst elements in society – such as claiming the thug Trayvon Martin was like his son – has rent an immense hole in America’s social fabric.

His foreign policy adventures and sympathy towards radical Islam have weakened both America and the world at large: they have allowed for the rise of ISIS, the (once more) destabilization of the Middle East, and the refugee crisis which now swamps Europe. Even his bad ideas which haven’t turned out so badly – such as the infamous ‘Iran deal’ – should nonetheless be viewed through the Marxist prism of deconstruction of American power and identity.

Despite this, while I do not think Obama is necessarily a good man, neither do I believe he is actually wicked. He has generally been quite decent and civil – even to his enemies – and has been gracious to President-elect Donald Trump in the recent Presidential transition process.

But the people whom he surrounds himself certainly are evil, beyond a shadow of doubt. Valerie Jarrett, his principal adviser, is a red-diaper baby. Little more need be said about his former Secretary of State. And even old, friendly Joe Biden – subject of memes and a man whom even conservatives love – is subject to barely-constrained pedophilic urges.

Perhaps Obama is not evil, but he is a narcissist and an intellectual lightweight. Despite what the Left would have us believe, he has distinguished himself neither intellectually nor ideologically. More than anything else, he seems to promote himself as a ‘cool cat,’ with eager sycophants on the Left to cheer him on, and even (literally) worship him, at every turn.

Obama did not win election twice because of the strength of his ideas. He did not win even because he was black. He won because of his personality – even more so than Trump, who at least promised several policy specifics (such as construction of a security wall).

Obama offered no policy specifics, but promised to give the American people ‘fundamental transformation,’ ‘hope,’ ‘change’ and ‘unity.’ Of course, thanks to his general airheadedness and his surrounding himself with evil counsel, he has accomplished fundamental transformation, but not what conservatives judge to be hope, change and unity.

Today, more divided than at any time except the Civil War, America lies at the brink of moral, cultural, financial and spiritual ruin. A large swath of our country have realized this. They have also realized President-elect Trump is the one person who perhaps can begin to turn this situation on its head.

We have also learned, hopefully not too late, what a communist President can do to a previously liberty-loving country in eight years. Obama did not create all of this crisis, of course – but he is the cherry on the cake.

Sadly, Obama’s millions of admirers aren’t going anywhere, as his star-studded Farewell Address demonstrated. But perhaps his failed Presidency will serve as a perpetual warning to us all, as a mistake of the past that should never again be repeated.


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