SOROS COMES TO T-TOWN? ‘Pro-science’ Earth Day rally to be held by liberal activists


Following the trend of similar rallies and marches taking place nationwide, a ‘Show Up for Science!’ rally is to be held tomorrow at 12 noon at Monnish Park in Tuscaloosa. Flyers promoting the rally have appeared around the University of Alabama campus.

A poster promoting the ‘Show Up for Science!’ rally in ten Hoor Hall.

The group sponsoring the rally, the Kudzu Coalition of West Alabama, is the same entity that sponsored a February rally that demanded Sen. Richard Shelby hold a town hall meeting.

The Kudzu Coalition describes itself as “progressive voices committed to transforming our community through collaborative, direct action. Like Kudzu, we cover the South,” and “Like Kudzu, we flourish when things get hot, joining forces to spread & thrive in areas that seem inhospitable. We are invasive and powerful.”

According to its Twitter page, the Kudzu Coalition is a relatively new addition to the Tuscaloosa political scene, having joined Twitter in the February of this year. Much of their social media activity, both original tweets and retweets are demands that Shelby hold a town hall meeting. Some of the demands that the Coalition have retweeted include anti-male rhetoric and vulgarity:


The Coalition appears to be allied with the Tuscaloosa County Democratic Party, as well as the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

According to a Washington Free Beacon article, other liberal groups who have called for town halls of their elected representatives have been founded by a former Hillary Clinton staffer, with ties to Leftist multibillionaire George Soros. However, the current financial/organizational status of the Kudzu Coalition is unknown.


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