Resistance is futile: let’s put America first!


The cries of discontent have permeated from Left-leaning Americans from the very minute Donald Trump was elected President.  According to the Left, the man would – and will – surely lead the nation down the path of turmoil, destroying everything the United States has ever stood for and ruining the economy in the process.

Clearly the 235,000 jobs added in February of 2017 and six percent private sector earnings increase are indicators that the average American will soon be poor and unemployed. The world is crashing down all around us! A wall may will soon be built on the Mexican border, strong action is being taken to restore ‘law and order,’ and federal regulations are quickly being overturned.  

These supposedly horrendous actions are capped by one executive order signed by President Trump – the infamous ‘travel ban.’ The reaction to this alone has been strong, even in Alabama.  The Birmingham City Council has unanimously declared itself a ‘sanctuary city’ in response to Trump’s executive order. This bold action taken against nations viewed as being factors in an influx of terrorism within the United States has, in the minds of the liberal population, cemented in place a notion of racism and Islamophobia.

They want you to pay no hindrance to the fact that the United States is a sovereign nation that reserves the right to restrict travel/immigration in the name of national security.  It’d also be convenient if you ignored the fact that the original seven nations (Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Iraq) subject to the travel ban were identified by officials during the Obama Administration.  Those are inconvenient facts that weaken the appeal to emotion made by highlighting the people and students who will be impacted by the travel ban.

To the Left, the actions taken by Trump are simply acts of racism/bigotry/xenophobia/islamophobia/homophobia/globophobia, but in reality, he’s simply putting America first (you know, like he said he would).  The #Resistance is palpable.

Leftists are crying for townhalls with their elected officials, there’s perpetual talk of attempting to impeach President Trump (not going to happen), and students are petitioning their administrations to declare the campus a ‘sanctuary campus’ that will not comply with the executive order.  Thankfully, someone in the Alabama legislature is willing to stand up to this resistance before this liberal insanity manifests itself at our public institutions of higher learning.

Senator Phil Williams (R-10) has put up the perfect resistance to any attempts made by universities to declare themselves sanctuary campuses.  Alabama HB100, or the ‘Americans First Act,’ states that “two-year and four-year public institutions are higher education in the state are agencies of the state and subject to the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act” and that any state agency that fails to comply with state or Federal immigration laws will forfeit their state funding.  

This means that Alabama students are free to petition their schools to become ‘sanctuary campuses,’ but must recognize that by doing so, they are potentially petitioning to throw their school into a budgetary crises. This crisis will almost certainly be passed along to the students by the ways of budget cuts and tuition increases.  College is already expensive; I doubt that college students are willing to absorb an even higher cost in the name of ‘resisting’ the President.

It must be said the foreign students impacted are still people, and are here most likely without any foul intent or desire to do anything more than to complete their education.  However, that does not mean Alabama universities should take action to blatantly defy the Federal Government and expect to not feel the ramifications of their actions.

Instead, that means that students should petition their elected officials to word an exception for students into the policy.  We have elected representatives for a reason. If they won’t recognize your appeal, you have an opportunity to hold them accountable during the next election cycle.  

It seems that we’ve gotten to this point at which blatant defiance of Federal policy is somehow acceptable, due to a breakdown in the notion of accountability within the American population.  Elections have consequences, failing to win means being accountable for the ramifications of the loss. President Trump is taking strong action to fulfill his campaign promises and shift U.S. policy to a national focus. Williams is sending a stern reminder that state institutions are obligated to uphold federal/state policy.  

Our national and state policy is shifting, and it’s a direct result of the 2016 general election.  The tunnel-visioned dream state that seemingly half of the American people lived in, particularly college students, is being destroyed.  The world is becoming a real place with real ramifications.  

The irony of this is palpable, as that’s exactly the reason that a platform of nationalism resonated so well with the American people (and those in the United Kingdom, and likely France too).  If you want to ‘resist,’ be prepared to meet an even stronger resistance, enforced by the authority of the United State and the State of Alabama.

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