Memo to the Left: Anti-white racism a losing strategy


Leftist protestors in Baltimore agitate against Donald Trump's election. Photo by Elvert Barnes, from Wikimedia Commons.
Leftist protestors in Baltimore agitate against Donald Trump’s election. Photo by Elvert Barnes, from Wikimedia Commons.

Over the past week, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency, normal Americans have been treated to a full-scale meltdown from their liberal brethren.

Besides gracing us with the ‘literally shaking,’ ‘literally Hitler,’ ‘literally vomiting’ and ‘I’m having a panic attack!’ reactions, the ‘Love trumps hate!’ crowd have been out in full force, ‘protesting’ (that is, rioting) in the streets and accusing white people – once again – of racism.

Leftists are, sadly, free to go on this rampage in their furious hatred of white America. Fanned by the lies of the Clinton-supporting media, the antics of the post-election Left – beatings, mobs, mass demonstrations – bring to mind the antics of the KKK, but a KKK with unlimited resources, one financed by a European multibillionaire.

Yet the Left has been smearing whites as racist not merely since Trump announced his candidacy, but several for decades now. Indeed, the word ‘racist’ is used more today than any other time in history, including the Civil Rights Movement.

Despite ‘racism’ presently being the most overused word in the English language, it is also the most destructive. The liberal press is every day filled with banalities about so-and-so’s ‘racist’ remark, and hysteria over the KKK and neo-Nazis – groups that are now essentially inactive, and self-caricatures at that. The latest faux-controversy about Trump’s new chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is evidence of this fear-mongering.

Committing a racist ‘microaggression’ is enough to get one fired from a lifetime job – yet Donald Trump won the Presidency because he (correctly) pointed out that many Mexican illegal aliens are rapists.

Winning the Presidency after pointing out this inconvenient truth is a modern-day miracle. What gives with Trump’s victory, then?

Essentially, liberals’ psychological projection and cognitive dissonance on the issue of race were overplayed. Trump managed to overcome the ever-present racism smear through sheer force of will, and drew millions of fed-up Americans to his side while doing so.

Shouting ‘All white people are racist!’ while inciting anti-white violence is a losing strategy. Pretending Trump is a Nazi while praising the terrorist BLM movement is a losing strategy. Slandering whites as violent bigots time and time again for voting in their self-interest is a losing strategy. Eventually, people become tired of the lies, tired of the elitist lectures, and yes, tired of the anti-white racism.

This all being said, here’s my memo to the Left: If everyone is racist, then no one is. But it also seems, in truth, there are several actual racists active in America today. The name they go by? ‘F*CK TRUMP!’

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