Leftist students lie about patriotism, black lives for excuse to protest

Students at the University of Alabama sit during the playing of the National Anthem at the Oct. 1 Kentucky-Alabama game to protest 'police brutality.'
Students at the University of Alabama sit during the playing of the National Anthem at the Oct. 1 Kentucky-Alabama game to protest ‘police brutality.’ Photo from Twitter.com


One of the favorite myths the Left tells itself and others is that “dissent is patriotic.” If only that seemingly noble sentiment were actually believable.

Since Colin Kaepernick decided to express his own version of ‘patriotism,’ the hate-America Left, in the form of Black Lives Matter and its sympathizers, has found yet again the perfect excuse to target the foundations of our society. By claiming the protection of the First Amendment, and declaring their actions are in fact patriotic, they attempt to shield their destructive intentions from criticism.

The students who engaged in the #BamaSits protest at the Oct. 1 Kentucky-Alabama game followed this practice to the letter.  While these students claim to protest ‘police brutality’ and the loss of black lives, they do nothing to truly address or solve the problems they claim to be concerned with.

If these students were truly patriotic, they would stand for the National Anthem as a sign of respect for the country, and find some other means through which to express their protest. They would not slander their critics who point out their anti-Americanism and lack of civic virtue as ‘racist oppressors.’ Nor would they claim that rioting, assaulting bystanders and committing arson is a legitimate form of ‘protest.’

These students’ distaste for America is obvious. Everyone knows the Left is anti-American, and despite its best assurances to the contrary, it is no use pretending such assurances are true. The Left’s alliance with Black Lives Matter, the latest incarnation of the Black Panthers, an anti-white terrorist group of the 1960s, should provide further clarification on the issue of their ‘patriotism.’

Do these students really believe America is a racist hellhole where blacks are targeted for extermination? Of course not.

They willfully remain blind to the fact that blacks and whites are killed at the same rate by police officers – a fact that has been proven even by liberal media outlets. They continue their protests, then, because they are essentially LARPing (live-action role-playing) the radical student protesters of the 1960s, and feel the typical Leftist urge to be agents of social change, even if no change is needed.

If these students really cared about black lives, they would protest the killing of unborn black children in the womb. Or the focus of their activism would be the sky-high black-on-black crime rate in the streets of Chicago. But pointing out such issues in the black community is apparently ‘racist.’

These students have already been hailed as ‘brave.’ But what is so brave about pulling a stunt that is cheered on by the entire Big Media complex, which extends all the way down to this very campus? Or having the entirety of the university bureaucracy, as well as a sizable portion of its faculty, be sympathetic to their cause?

As mentioned above, these students do not really care about black lives. They simply use black lives as an excuse to protest.

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