Hillary’s pedophile problem

Before our readers rush to judgement and dismiss this article as conspiracy theorizing, it has come to light that all of the activities described below are true, thanks to the recent Wikileaks email release. The sources of these accusations are readily available at Wikileaks.org. 

A screenshot of a released email from John Podesta, describing the 'pool party' to which underage children are to be taken to as 'entertainment.' Photo from Wikileaks.com
A screenshot of a released email from John Podesta, describing the ‘pool party’ to which underage children are to be taken to as ‘entertainment.’ Photo from Wikileaks.org


For the past year, as Hillary Clinton has run for President, the mainstream media has portrayed her as a victim, suffering nobly for women and children and ordinary Americans, all while undergoing constant persecution, simply because she “is a woman.”

Of course, every word that comes from the mainstream media is a lie. Hillary Clinton does not undergo harsh treatment from conservatives because she is a woman, but because she is evil.

As Wikileaks has made clear in recent days, Clinton’s depravity is not merely limited to monetary corruption, deliberate incompetence and obstruction of justice. Clinton is not a basic career criminal-politician.

Rather, Clinton’s inner circle, if not Clinton herself, are connected to some of the most deplorable and degenerate acts imaginable.

One of Clinton’s chief advisers, John Podesta, a fixture of the Washington Establishment, has been implicated in participating in a Satanic cult. Such a bizarre practice could perhaps be dismissed as ‘role-playing’ in more ‘normal’ circumstances—so to speak—but Podesta did not merely role-play.

As a Wikileaks email makes clear, Podesta engaged in pedophilia, forcing children—ages 7, 9 and 11—to attend a ‘pool party’ and be given as ‘entertainment’ to its elite guests. Podesta also engages in ritual faux-cannibalism, consumption of bodily fluids and bloodletting as a type of twisted ‘sacrament.’ As more revelations about this man come forth, such acts are likely only the tip of his criminal iceberg.

Having a close adviser such as this calls into serious question Clinton’s capabilities for office. It also does not help her case that Clinton herself visited billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ in the Caribbean six times.

The Clinton Foundation has also been implicated in smuggling 33 Haitian children out of that country, following its 2010 earthquake. Judging from what we know of the Clinton Foundation and the connections of its namesakes, it is safe to assume these children were not being ‘saved’ for humanitarian purposes.

Once upon a time, these allegations would have been dismissed as outrageous conspiracies, a particularly creative fantasy of Infowars’ Alex Jones.

But no longer. The cat’s out of the bag, and all has been revealed: that the global power elite, as exemplified the Clintons, truly do engage in occult rituals and acts so perverted, that regardless of one’s religious affiliation or lack thereof, they can only be described as Satanic.

The great tragedy of our time is that the Leftist media’s brainwashing—for that is what it is—has been so effective, that millions of decent and well-meaning Americans will close their eyes to the truth, and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton.

America has one last chance to save itself from her evil. It is up to the electorate to choose wisely this Tuesday—for if Clinton is triumphant, the future of our country is filled only with darkness.


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