Give peace a chance!



Forget Paul Revere’s famous call – it’s Russia and Syria that are the new Public Enemy No. 1, and both the Stupid Party (the Republicans) and the Evil Party (the Democrats) are busy preparing to drag America into World War III.

Why Democrats want to do so is fairly obvious. After decades of literally colluding with Moscow, the Left can’t stand the idea of Russia being a Christian nation, led by an alpha male patriot. (Sound familiar?)

Accusing Vladimir Putin of committing ‘human rights violations’ is merely a pretense for the ideological descendants of Trotsky and Stalin to exact revenge on the Russian people for abandoning godless Communism.

Meanwhile, the Stupid Party actually believes the Left’s lies about ‘human rights.’ (Republicans suddenly become fans of ‘human rights’ – the exact opposite of our rights found in the Constitution – whenever they feel the need to ‘confront’ Putin.)

For some reason, conservatives can’t get over the fact that Russia is no longer the enemy. It’s been twenty-five years since the fall of Communism. Putin has practically been begging us for the avoidance of nuclear war. “But we can’t make peace with a dictator!”

Led by a cohort of deranged and aging neoconservatives, such as the loathsome toad Bill Kristol, the anti-Trump Republican Party has conditioned the next generation well.

Wild-eyed and emotional ideologues with low IQs, such as Nikki Haley and John McCain, drone on about the ‘evil axis’ of Iran, North Korea, Syria and Russia – pointedly ignoring the facts that Iran still hasn’t bombed Israel; North Korea is horribly depressing but barely relevant; Syria’s dictator was actually good for Muslim and Christian minorities; and Russia is no longer the Soviet Union.

The Republican ‘Old Guard,’ the Democrats, the ‘Deep State’ and media complex together have now successfully pulled on President Donald Trump’s heartstrings enough that he has ordered an airstrike in Syria, which means we now risk nuclear confrontation (again) with Russia, Syria’s ally. Manipulating the President’s desire to help children, they have successfully focused attention away from his anti-sex slavery efforts at home, onto a war abroad literally no one understands.

To be fair to Trump, his bellicose rhetoric and missile strike might merely be an effort to ‘talk tough’ and ‘up the ante’ against lunatics who proudly hate our country – unlike the (thankfully) former President Obama, who enjoyed groveling before the Islamic world at every possible chance.

Nevertheless, these Islamic ideologues are relatively harmless to us in their own countries. Enacting strict immigration controls would be a far better deterrent to terrorism than ‘carpet-bombing’ the Middle East. One idea is Trump’s; the other is practically everyone else’s in the Washington Beltway, also known as the ‘Swamp.’

As Trump fights for his very Presidency on several fronts at once, it was inevitable that he would slip up and give the guardians of the New World Order a taste of blood. The Swamp is very deep, and is desperately attempting to drag Trump into itself.

Instead of addressing the issues that most Americans care about (jobs, immigration etc.) the Swamp prefers to maintain its own power through perpetual war – the end result of which, predictably, is more government control of our lives. The Swamp has (temporarily?) distracted Trump from his revolutionary agenda, and his Presidency is beginning to resemble ‘politics as usual’ more and more by the day.

It’s important for Trump’s supporters to remember this, as we in this case must become his loyal opposition. We were fooled once with the Iraq War, and we have no intention of Iraq 2.0 happening again.

So since John McCain, Nikki Haley, The New York Times and the slowly dying Hillary Clinton appear intent on ignoring the American People on this point, we might as well petition Trump as follows, using the well-known formula: “Mr. President, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!”

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