‘Find him. Lynch him’: Leftists advocate violence in response to racially charged threat


* NOTE: All names in the following social media posts have been blurred to protect the privacy of their users.*

In the wake of a racist threat written by University of Alabama student Ryan Parish on the University’s ticket exchange, student organization BamaStands, a counter-protest to the Black Lives Matter-influenced BamaSits movement, was quick to disavow any association with Parish or his comments.

In response to Parish’s threat, however, some students who oppose BamaStands posted remarks on social media outlets that appear to be as violent and disturbing as Parrish’s, if not more so:

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It is telling that none of the commenters condemned outright the violence being promoted on the message board. 

On Twitter, a student appeared to advocate assaulting opponents of BamaSits:


A woman connected with the University, perhaps a graduate teaching assistant, insinuated grades of students she considered racist might be leaked:


It is not yet clear whether or not all of these individuals attend, or are otherwise directly affiliated with, the University of Alabama. BamaSits and the University have not yet released a statement on these threats.


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