FAKE NEWS: The mainstream media’s war on the American people


What is the greatest problem facing America today? Is it the wobbly economy; the threat of Islamic terrorism; widespread protests and civil unrest; or even whatever bizarre new social engineering program the Left has devised?

The answer is none of these. The greatest problem facing not only America, but the entire civilized world right now, is the mainstream media.

The mainstream media – that gigantic behemoth of increasingly outdated transmissions – was dealt a fatal blow by the election of President Donald Trump. It is now only a matter of time before this ‘alphabet soup’ of institutions – CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post – expires for good.

But the influence these juggernauts still have should not be taken lightly. The Clinton campaign realized this, as the hacked DNC emails have made clear. The collusion of the media with the extremist, warmongering Left was a brilliant move.

And herein lies the problem: the very practice of venerating the American press as one of the ‘cornerstones of democracy’ is one of the many failures of the conservative political elite.

For the mainstream press is not a pristine, independent entity that holds all sides to account: it is instead the Ministry of Truth for progressive, globalist billionaires and the increasingly fascistic Democratic Party.

The mainstream press has been treated as a sacred cow by both the Left and Right for far too long. Leftists and Rightists both feel free to criticize each other in the sphere of government – but criticize the press, and suddenly you’re considered a ‘fascist’ by both camps for doing so.

This attitude, to put it lightly, is misguided. It is also puzzling, especially since the press has traditionally been the greatest propaganda mouthpiece for totalitarian regimes – Joseph Goebbels’ Ministry of Information, Stalin’s “Pravda,” or Communist China’s “People’s Daily” all spring to mind as examples of the press’ collusion with genocidal dictatorships.

The press is in fact deserving of no more and no fewer protections guaranteed to it by the Bill of Rights. If individuals can sue each other for defamation and slander when their honor or reputation is threatened, why is such an option considered ‘fascistic’ when applied by an individual to the press?

We, the American people, are allowed to criticize the mainstream media, and criticize it as follows: that it is not the mythical, idealistic ‘Fourth Estate’; but rather, a conglomeration of liars and social-justice warriors, who are waging psychological warfare against the American people.

In a more ‘normal’ time, such a statement would be seen as a dramatic overreaction. But in today’s political climate, it is disturbingly accurate. Forget right-wingers ‘dog-whistling’ to nonexistent KKK thugs – it’s the Leftist press that dog-whistles to the ‘antifascist’ thugs among us every day.

The media’s hyperventilating, endless screams of ‘RACISM!’ and bizarre fixation with minutæ – such as the size of President Trump’s Inauguration crowd – seem to indicate an experience of obsessive-compulsive disorder on a mass scale. The hysteria which Trump has triggered in them puts the hysteria of Salem’s 1692 witch trials to shame.

Mainstream journalists’ inability to learn from their humiliation, time and time again – whether it be by then-candidate Trump, or by independent reports exposing their lies – is amazing. They are perfectly willing to throw all credibility to the wind in order to pursue their vision of ‘social justice’ – even if that vision involves assassinating the President of the United States.

Indeed, the credibility of mainstream journalism is so low that the buzzword ‘fake news’ – coined by the mainstream media following the 2016 election – was hilariously co-opted by President Trump, who then applied that epithet to the mainstream media itself. Such a thing could have not occurred if the favorability rating of the media was perhaps over six percent nationwide.

Former President Obama, in a rare moment of insight, chided the press for being his sycophants, and instead told them their job was to “ask tough questions.” Predictably, the press didn’t learn: instead of asking Obama tough questions, they worshipped him. Instead of asking Trump tough questions, they lie about him, constantly, and do their best to fan the flames of division and violence in our country.

To their credit, some in the media have realized the extent of their extreme bias, such as an editor at The New York Times. But despite journalists’ literally begging their readers for validation of their failing institutions, they will only double down on the lies they spew.

They will do so as long as their institutions remain “billionaires’ blogs,” which have no intention of objectively reporting, but instead disseminating globalist elite-approved propaganda to the general public.

America is now on brink of civil war, and Leftist violence is routinely legitimized. Why is this so?

Corrupt pedophiles who inhabit our government are exposed only by accident. Why is this the case?

False narratives – about Black Lives Matter, weapons of mass destruction and banalities like ‘golden showers’ – have been spread by which entity?

Answer: the mainstream media. For the good of the American public and that of the rest of the Western world, we can only pray the inevitable demise of the mainstream press hurries along – for until it does so, a “more perfect Union” will be an impossibility.

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