Dear Republicans, it’s time to disavow Paul Ryan


“Hi, I’m from the globalist Establishment, and I’m here to help!” Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Ronald Reagan once said the “most terrifying” words in the English language were, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

It’s been decades since Reagan uttered this pithy and still-accurate phrase, but now it’s in need of an update. Today’s phrase might be better rendered as, “I’m from the globalist Establishment, and I’m here to help.” Paul Ryan, we’re looking at you.

Why Ryan? Perhaps because he broke Reagan’s other famous saying, the so-called ‘Eleventh Commandment’ (“Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican”) time and time again during then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign?

Perhaps because after years of attempting to overturn Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood, the House under his leadership, even while it now possesses a majority, is blithely unable to do so?

Perhaps because his position on illegal immigration, and his bizarre accusation of Trump being a racist, oddly seem to mirror the Left’s positions on the same?

Perhaps because he seemed to be at times openly campaigning for the enemy, Hillary Clinton?

Perhaps because he accepted $10,800 – the same amount given to subversive Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer – from former Nazi collaborator and head of the international Left, George Soros himself?

And most importantly of all, perhaps because he took $25,000 from convicted child molester Dennis Hastert – payment of which could be ‘hush money,’ money which Ryan has refused to return?

All of this information is readily available and has been widely publicized. Therefore, why Ryan is still considered a ‘hero’ to the Conservative Movement is beyond me.

There is a reason why Ryan’s tired ‘Better Way’ is failing, and a reason why Trump’s populist nationalism is rising: the American public is looking for someone who stands up for their own interests, rather than the interests of the globalist Establishment and the international Left.

Indeed, because of Ryan’s monetary ties to these groups, he is fatally compromised, and is a thorn in the side to the American Right. Like the snake in the poem recited time and time again by Trump on the campaign trail, conservatives should know damn well Ryan is a snake – so why do they continue to let him speak at CPAC, run the House and take money from pedophiles?

Likely, we will never know. Fangirling over failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s running mate, a man who leads the Conservative Movement yet takes money from the Left, apparently makes one blissfully unable to detect sabotage.

Until conservatives wake up and disavow Paul Ryan, they will continue to doom themselves into irrelevancy. But then again, no one expects the Conservative Movement to possess any large amount of political sense, anyway.


  • James Niiler is a secret (((Syrian))) (((refugee))) that bleached his skin like Michael Jackson and wears AirOptic(TM) colored contact lenses.

    NOTE: This post was paid for and sponsored by AirOptic(TM) and the (((globalist agenda))).

  • It is quite ironic that you criticize Paul Ryan for speaking ill of a Republican when this entire article is literally speaking ill of a Republican. It is also quite ironic when you account for the fact that you yourself spoke ill of Donald Trump early in the campaign. Also, why are you invoking party loyalty when you claim to be an “independent” news source? Why are you railing against the Republican establishment while using the words of Ronald Reagan to back you up, when by today’s standards Reagan would be considered an “establishment” Republican? Hell, at this point Donald Trump is the president, and if that isn’t establishment I don’t know what is.

  • I agree with Mr McLelland. Let’s see the birth certificate. No one can trust James Niiler (if that is even his real name) until we do. Right now I think it would be prudent to just assume outright that James Niiler is a Syrian ISIS member with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and George (((Soros))).


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