Crimson White promotes ‘sanctuary campus’ policy, violence towards ‘Nazis’


The Crimson White continued to promote the Left’s agenda this week in a fresh series of articles and tweets.

On the night of Feb. 1, TCW tweeted to its followers, asking them if it was acceptable to “punch a Nazi.” The tweet is shown below, along with The Dixie Collegiate’s response.

TCW’s tweet is a reference to ‘alt-right’ figurehead Richard Spencer, whom the Left has accused of being a neo-Nazi. Spencer was punched by a Leftist in Washington, DC on Jan. 20.

TCW’s tweet, asking if assault based on political views is legitimate, came the same night as extreme Left-wing violence erupted at the University of California, Berkley, in response to a visit given there by ‘Dangerous Faggot’ Milo Yiannopoulos.

TCW also published a cartoon depicting Trump supporters as Nazis during the fall semester:

On Feb. 2, in the print edition of TCW, an op-ed appeared claiming violence against Nazis was legitimate (“Punching Nazis is the right thing to do,” Feb. 2):

…[D]eserving of violence? I argue yes. While pacifism is a noble goal, sometimes violence does good. Violence against Nazis doesn’t endanger democracy, it preserves it. It’s difficult to argue that the use of violence by the Allies during World War II was not successful in ending the Third Reich. There are cases where the use of violence is justified.

Richard Spencer getting punched in the face is not only immensely satisfying, but sends a message to his entire movement that people are willing to fight them. Liberals, in this case meaning anyone who hates Nazis, cannot let a nostalgia for a non-existent time of peace, prosperity and debate get in the way of progress.

Allowing these people to openly espouse anti-semitism and racism and whatever horrible things they choose to endorse risks making these views acceptable in public discourse. That’s not a concession I’m willing to make. We can’t let racists use liberal ideals of free speech to espouse their hateful message. If it takes a bit of lawlessness to make progress, then it’s simply following in a long tradition of law-breaking, or, as United States Representative John Lewis would call it,“good trouble.”

In the same issue, TCW’s Editorial Board endorsed the demands of the ‘Walk for Diversity,’ which include the University of Alabama becoming a ‘sanctuary campus,’ as well as University administration’s non-compliance in future Federal immigration orders (“OUR VIEW: UA should become a sanctuary campus,” Feb. 2):

This week, along with thousands of protesters at airports around the nation, students and faculty at the University met to march on the Quad in opposition to President Trump’s executive order regarding immigration…This Editorial Board stands with the protesters and with our fellow students who are residents of the seven countries affected by the ban in calling for The University of Alabama to become a sanctuary campus…

Auburn University’s statement on the same order included a recommendation that students from the affected countries not travel outside of the United States, a step this University should emulate. However, we are unconvinced, based on the president’s rhetoric during his campaign, that this is the last step the Trump administration will take to curtail immigrant rights. If at any point any student at this University becomes subject to deportation, whether it be for repeal of DACA or another executive order, it is a moral imperative that this University follows the lead of the city of Birmingham and refuses to provide any information on that student to any authorities.

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