Candlelight vigil held at Denny Chimes to mourn Trump presidency


image000000-1 image000001On the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 9. in the aftermath of the historic election, a candlelight vigil was held at Denny Chimes by University of Alabama students and faculty in response to Donald Trump’s election. Many of the protesters were holding signs expressing their distaste with the president-elect.

When asked why the vigil was being held, Claudia Watkins, a UA student attending the vigil, commented that it was about “Just the overall sadness of the election results.” Dr. Rona Donahoe, geological sciences professor, said that she attended the vigil “to show solidarity with other progressive thinking people who are concerned with what we’re going to be facing for the next four years.”

The general atmosphere was solemn, which reflected the general opinion of the protesters about President-elect Donald Trump and what they believe his effect on America will be.

“I think racism will be on the rise definately, and sexism, and misogyny. And ultimately international relations will be weakened,” said Watkins.

“I think it’s going to be extremely negative if he follows through with what he threatened to do in his campaigning. Things like targeting illegal immigrants, excluding immigration of Muslims. His racial statements are also of concern, the fact that he was endorsed by the KKK. As a scientist I’m also concerned about other threats he’s made, cutting research funding, abolishing the EPA, that he’s stated that by executive order he’s going to abolish Obamacare,” Donahoe said.

The views on racial issues held by many of Trump’s opponents was also evident at this protest. One attendee even used the recently adopted term, ‘whitelash’ to describe the circumstances behind Trump’s election. “Trump really just won out of a ‘whitelash’ against a black president. I think [Hillary Clinton] is just less morally reprehensible than Donald Trump,” said Watkins.

This vigil happened alongside many other protests across America on Wednesday. Most were peaceful like this one. However, an anti-Trump protest in Portland, Oregon turned violent.

Photos by Joe Cooper

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