BOOK REVIEW: Ann Coulter’s “¡Adios, America!”


Not just the book of the year – the book of the century. Photo by James Niiler.

Hailed by the liberal-neoconservative rag The Atlantic as the “political book of the year,” Ann Coulter’s “¡Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole” might be better described as the political book of the century. It’s been nearly two years since it (like all other Coulter books) attained New York Times bestseller status, and it’s been nearly two years since it directly influenced Donald Trump’s (in)famous campaign promises to build a great border Wall and deport illegal aliens – promises which he, by the way, is most certainly keeping.

The forces behind the creation of “¡Adios, America!” have been brewing for some time. Peter Brimelow, a British émigré and personal friend of Coulter, penned “Alien Nation” in the 1990s, a nonfiction analysis of what a demographically transformed America would look like. Let’s just say it ain’t pretty. (Brimelow also runs the ‘alt-right’ website, a forum denounced by the $outhern Poverty Law Center as a ‘white supremacist hate group’ or whatever. In reality, it’s just a website much like Coulter’s book – devoted to documenting Third World immigrant crime.) Brimelow’s work, in turn, was in direct response to Sen. Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act, which opened the gates of America to the most barbarous corners of the world.

Coulter thus builds on a very solid foundation in denouncing the odious Kennedy, and tackling the importation of a quarter of Mexico’s population (as well as thousands of other supposedly beleaguered ‘refugees’ from across the globe). Far from being ‘DREAMers’ or whatever platitude Jeb! Bush and Barack Obama claim they are, most immigrants America takes in are serial criminals with tastes for child rape, sex and drug trafficking, pollution of the natural environment, credit theft and particularly heinous murders.

Coulter documents these crimes exhaustively, and many of them are heartbreaking. I have no desire to detail the dreadful murders, rapes etc. that immigrants – both legal and illegal – have committed against American citizens, but they are all readily available throughout the entirety of Coulter’s book. If the liberal friend in your life asks you how Trump could have possibly won, “immigration” should be your prompt reply.

(Of course, Coulter manages to drop her acerbic, dark and tasteless sense of humor into this book as well – and, naturally, it’s deeply amusing, if not laugh-out-loud.)

Not only Democrats, but Republicans too meet Coulter’s wrath. Many supposedly ‘true’ conservatives (think Lil’ Marco, Lyin’ Ted and all the rest) were and are notoriously weak on the subject of immigration, believing that passing ‘amnesty’ will somehow allow Republicans to finally make inroads with the Hispanic community. Coulter praises 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for having the toughest platform on immigration despite being supposedly ‘liberal’ on other issues, and castigates other Republicans for not following his example. Sound familiar? (This book, of course, was written prior to the Trump candidacy, and also prior to Romney’s exposure as being nothing more than a globalist shill.)

Overall, I’m in agreement with Gavin McInnes’ back-cover review that “¡Adios, America!” is Coulter’s best writing to date. (Reading this book has also made me more thankful than ever that Marco “Boy in the Bubble” Rubio isn’t our President.) In proving to us with hundreds of examples that diversity is not our strength, Coulter has sounded the alarm that if (when?) America disappears, we won’t be bidding it goodbye, but only a despairing ‘¡Adios!’





  • If you just want to say “I don’t like Muslims,” or if you just want to say “I don’t like African blacks,” then say it. Don’t try to create some bullshit justifications for your prejudice. If you own up to your prejudices and admit them but never change, that’s maybe not fair, but it’s ten thousand times better than creating some stupid narrative that such views are based on “facts” alone and not outright prejudice (as I said, admitted prejudice is far better than pretended equality).

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