Alabama, let’s follow New Hampshire on gun rights


Last Wednesday, New Hampshire took a great step forward in extending their already ample gun rights, and it’s time for Alabama to follow New Hampshire’s lead.

Requiring a permit to carry a concealed pistol is an unnecessary restriction on the freedoms granted to law-abiding Americans by the Second Amendment, especially considering that open carry is legal in Alabama without a permit.

It can be argued that carrying a concealed pistol is actually safer than open carrying. Openly carrying a weapon makes the person holding it the first target for anyone who wishes to do harm, and limits the amount of places the weapon owner can go without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

Of course, I’m not arguing for restrictions on open carry, but it doesn’t make sense to restrict the safer method of carrying a pistol more heavily than open carry.

Luckily, Alabama could soon be another state in the now thirteen state-strong list of states that don’t require concealed carry permits. State Senator Gerald Allen, who represents the 21st district which includes Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama, introduced a bill in January that would remove the requirement for Alabamians to have a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Permits will still be issued so that travel to states that require concealed carry permits will still be possible for concealed carriers.

Senator Allen tweeted in regards to this plan that “It’s time we give our citizens the right to bear arms without first seeking the government’s permission.” He’s right in saying this. Government permission should not be required to exercise a Constitutional right.

Not having the government’s permission to carry a concealed handgun will not stop someone who intends to do harm or break the law. Criminals by definition don’t follow the law. This includes laws that say you can’t conceal your weapon without a permit. It’s ridiculous to say that making people pay for a piece of paper will prevent crime.

It’s time for Alabama and the rest of the country to stop this ridiculous and unnecessary burden on law abiding gun owners. I wholeheartedly encourage the Alabama legislature and Governor Robert Bentley to enact this legislation and expand our valuable gun rights.

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