After anti-Trump violence, will Dems disavow?



Several months ago, when Donald Trump was allegedly ‘endorsed’ by former KKK leader David Duke, the cries from the media for Trump to ‘disavow’ said endorsement were extraordinarily shrill. The pressure on Trump to denounce Duke was immense and unceasing, and nothing Trump said or did in condemnation of Duke placated his opponents in either the Left or the Conservative Movement.


Flash-forward to the present, and the Democratic National Committee is revealed to have been behind the extremely violent anti-Trump riots in Chicago this past spring; while a GOP office in North Carolina has been firebombed, and another GOP office has been vandalized by brick-throwing.


Hundreds of Trump supporters have been spat upon, assaulted, and beaten bloody over the past year for their support of their chosen candidate. Far more have been forced into silence, lest their support of Trump cost them their jobs, friends or reputations. Trump himself has nearly been assassinated—by an illegal immigrant, no less.


Say what you will about David Duke, but at least the media’s favorite anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist has not gone about vandalizing, terrorizing and assaulting Hillary Clinton supporters for the past twelve months.


Considering Duke has been trotted out for years for Republicans to ‘disavow,’ I think it’s time the Democrats do some disavowals themselves. Perhaps they could start by disavowing the following:


  • Creating a ‘hostile environment’ in which Trump supporters do not feel ‘comfortable’ in expressing their beliefs
  • Utilizing ‘hateful rhetoric’ that incites ‘division,’ and which causes Trump supporters to feel ‘physically unsafe’
  • Promoting ‘dog-whistle racism’ against whites, not to mention conservative blacks and other minorities
  • Advocating for acts of ‘oppression,’ ’violence,’ and ‘terrorism’ against Trump supporters


All of these accusations are ones the Left routinely—and falsely—makes about conservatives. But now, when they are made by Trump supporters about the Left, they are actually true.


To be fair, while the Democratic National Committee has not been directly responsible for all of these accusations (except the Chicago riots, of course), the language it and the media have used to describe Trump—“Racist! Hitler! Nazi! KKK!”—has created the perfect environment for acts of political terror to occur.


Thanks to their careless language, there is indeed more connection between the Democratic Party elite and the potentially-fatal North Carolina firebombing, than there is between Trump and the irrelevant Duke (who actually never endorsed Trump, anyway).


As the Democratic Party grows ever more extreme, so do its political tactics. If the party of the Left wants to be known as a legitimate political entity and not a criminal gang, it’s time for their disavowal game to hit its stride.

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